Meet the owners Sharon & Dan. We moved here from Vancouver Island to be closer to family. We decided to open our house up to the budget travellers. We started almost right away to look for the perfect place. It took us about 3 months to find this place. It was winter when we moved in. We wanted to be open by June so we had a lot of work to do for this to happen.


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House the first winter before

we started construction

Back  of house at the beginning

of  construction

Now  we would like to share the experience with you .

Back of house the first winter

before construction   

Outside construction of

back deck.   

Finished back deck

Dan custom cut every

picket with his Rotor

Now for the inside

Now being an old home with no foundation old wiring, painted  floors

walls and ceilings cracking, etc. even had to get a front end loader to

remove an old safe that was left behind. It was way too heavy to move.

We weren't even sure were to begin. It seemed like a nightmare but we

were determined to make this place into something great. A place were

travellers could rest their heads and feel like they were at home at the

same time. I think we achieved this very well.   

The removal of the old safe to its final resting spot

Strip down of ceilings in hall and upstairs

Finished ceiling

Front bedroom before Reno's

Mother and Daughter laying down first floor

Finished floor

Guest sitting room before Reno

Guest sitting room after floors and painting done

Finished front bedroom

Guest sitting room after floors and painting done

Now the longest and hardest

room to do was the kitchen