Hook Line & Sinker

Come and enjoy the experience

Of Fishing in Caledonia

$85.00  per person Call

682 3266

Cast a line in the pristine

waters of Caledonia queens

county, Home to Trout,Bass &

Pickerel. 2 nights shared

accommodation at our country

hostel. We will supply your

lunch both days and an insiders

advise on where to fish. Come  

fish and live like a local

There are over 100 lakes and rivers just  waiting to be  explored and miles of              trails to be hiked.  Whether it's canoeing or kayaking, rentals are close by.

Next thing you know it is Spring, If you enjoy fishing we have

some of the best brooks and streams in the province. We also

have MC Gowan Lake Fish Hatchery just around the corner and

they will give you a free tour of the place and tell you everything

you want to know about the stocking program. You can also

skate on the lake in the winter months. Spring is Maple syrup

time and there are a few places around where you can have a

tour. Just let us know and we can set it up for you. Then there is

the Tobeatic Wilderness Area

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Caledonia and Area

     Fishing Spots:

Camrons Landing

Hibernia Bridge

Lakeview Brook

Grafton Brook

Johnstone Store

Harry Lake

Pretty Mary Lake

White Burne Brook

Medway River