After a couple of missed ferries, I arrived late last night, wondering if the effort was worth it. Woke up this morning - clear blue sky and the sun sparkling on the water - and was glad I came. I'll tell everyone I know who might be coming this way. Cheers!
Mark Chambers, Melbourne, Austrialia

This is my second and last day on Brier Island and what a great time it has been. Seeing humpbacks, right whales and fin whales was definitely it! The hostel was great - clean with lots of space.
Sjoerd Wolbertus, Grave, The Netherlands

We spent a beautiful time here. Whale watching and walking around the island. The hostel is a very good place to stay. We found all we needed and enjoyed cooking our meals here. Our first experience with seafood - scallops! Thank you!
Bridgette, Switzerland

A place to return to - a place to come home to oneself - very special.
Gail W. Swanson, Sarasote, FL.

I have only one regret about staying here - I couldn't stay longer!
Frank Nguyen, Toronto, ON

Wally, you're a traveller and it seems to me that you've created a place - space? - for others based on a dream you had when you were walkabout. A place where a person can unwind, enjoy nature, meet fellow travellers and all for a price which won't hurt. The place is spotless, free tea and coffee, the beds are comfortable and internet too! This is a special place Wally, thanks, it was hard to leave.
Graham, Newcastle, England.

We came to Brier Island because our colleagues advised us to go. This was the best advice we've ever had! The people are friendly, the accommodation perfect and the view is excellent. Thanks. Hopefully we can get back here again someday.
The Dutchbird Crew

A wonderful experience! See the island, go exploring, turn over some rocks, smell the ocean air, dig for clams, scavenge the rocky shores, check out the lighthouses at night! I enjoyed myself so very much and made some truly incredible friends. Don't ever hesitate to go next door and spend some time with Wally, Joyce and Ben - they truly are a spectacle of endless hospitality. I promise myself to return.
Matthew Bloom, Barrie ONT.

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