Noah Place also has essentials besides

the Gas. There is a pay phone in case your

cells not working

M &W and Lakeview are closed for the winter but will re-open in May.

Marilyn’s Place

North Queens Heritage House

Once you've been to this place you won't want to leave because this isn't one of those posh restaurants you go to in the big cities. You might have to grab your own coffee or get one for someone else if it's really busy. Never go there if you're in a hurry because

this is a laid-back family restaurant and everyone loves this place. You might even have to tell your whole life story before you leave! But if you are in a hurry,either  phone ahead or just tell them you're in a hurry and they will do their best to please

you. As you can see by the picture below, you will always see Marilyn's smiling face even at the end of a long day.  

From May till October you can always visit M&W Restaurant (Marilyn's)  for a home cooked meal at a price you can afford. If you tell her you saw this ad  on the website she will gladly give you a 10% discount off her already low prices. She also has take out if you care to bring it back to the Hostel       (682-2189)

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check out the local activities

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picnic in the area

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